Water Filters

Water Filters

Water filters, purifiers and water filtration systems convert ordinary tap water into perfectly safe drinking water. They remove impurities and contaminants by means of a fine physical barrier or a chemical process.

Health Benefits of a Water Filter

A water filter or water purifier is very beneficial for healthy living. Ordinary water contains numerous contaminants including bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals, and man-made chemical pollutants that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These contaminants not only cause the water to taste bad, but are also very harmful to your health.

A water filter kills all of these organisms and filters out the contaminants to make the water fit for drinking. Thus water filters save us from many dangerous bacterial and viral diseases that spread due to the contamination of water.

The working technique of water filters is based on sieving, ion exchanges and other processes. A water filter can eliminate particles much smaller than the holes through which the water passes.

Alkaline water ionizers provide alkaline water. The following are the health benefits of alkaline water:

• Promotes optimal physical performance.
• Protects DNA from oxidative damage.
• Alleviates blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
• Betters liver function exams in hepatic disorders.
• Betters gastro duodenal ulcer and prevents recurrences.
• Betters allergic disorders such as asthma, urticaria, rhinites and atopic dermatitis.
• Betters hypertension and hypotension.
• Betters serum bilirubin levels in newborn babies.
• Impressively suppressed the growth of cancer cells transplanted into mice, demonstrating their anti-cancer effects.

Shower Water Filters

There are specific water filters designed to replace your shower head, supplying clean chlorine free water while showering.Chlorine does not play well with the body’s health. It causes skin irritation and becomes a vapor at room temperature, causing you to breathe the chlorine in to the lungs. This is especially unfortunate considering that the molecule has been linked to cancer in studies.

In addition to health benefits of filtering water, there are cosmetic benefits. Symptoms of chlorine exposure are dry and/or flaking skin, dry brittle hair and red irritated eyes. Filtering the shower water reduces these symptoms. Skin and hair feel softer and eyes become less red and irritated.

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