Alkaline Water

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is water with a pH higher then 7.0

Alkaline water is charged with negatively charged ions. It can be found naturally in some springs and ground waters in a few areas worldwide. It can also be produced through the process of electrolysis (also known as ionization) and by adding alkaline minerals to drinking water.

The pH of water is the difference between how much hydrogen (h+) water has vs. how much hydroxyl (oh-) water has. Water is H+OH- or H2O. If you add minerals with more H in them then OH the pH goes down.

If you add minerals with OH- in them then pH goes up. An equal amount of H+ and OH- will give you a 7 pH. When water has more OH in it then it is alkaline. Water with less then 7 pH is acidic.

We now sell Alkaline Water starting at $.1.25 for 8.5pH and $2.00 for 9.5pH per gallon.


Alkaline Water


Alkaline water can have good and bad minerals in it when produced by electrolysis and in spring and ground water. The best way to have high quality alkaline water is to add alkaline minerals to purified water. Remember; IT IS NOT ALKALINE WATER THAT YOU NEED, IT IS WATER WITH ALKALINITY! You can read more about that HERE.

Current lifestyles and diets can lead to more acidic conditions in the body while the body should actually be more alkaline at the PH of 7.365.

The body will go to great lengths to maintain this PH and acidic alkaline balance which can put stress on body tissues, systems and organs. Chronic acidity interrupts  cellular activity and can lead to negative health effects.

When the body gets to acidic and out of balance it can cause low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches, pains and other complications or disorders.

With the modern diet the body ingests, creates and improperly eliminates acids in the body which can lead to the acidic-alkaline imbalance. Other factors that can affect the acidic-alkaline imbalance include stress, air pollution and acidic contaminates in many bottled waters.

The leading cause of low body PH and over acidity is the consumption of modern processed foods, meats, protein and carbonated beverages.

The body pulls calcium from bones, magnesium from muscles and iron from red blood cells to maintain the proper PH when there is not enough alkaline content available for use, creating bodily stress an can lead to bone and muscle loss, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Also the Kidneys store ammonia to act as a alkaline buffer which can cause Kidney stones, endocrine imbalance and cellular stress that can leads to cancerous cells. Consuming alkaline water will cause the body to be more alkaline and prevents these damaging alkaline buffer processes from happening.

Alkaline Water Is A Powerful Antioxidant

Alkaline water is known to be a powerful antioxidant. The negatively charged ions in alkaline water allow for the alkaline water to act as an antioxidant which is known to reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

This is because negatively charged ions of alkaline water attract the positive ions of the acids and neutralize them so they can be removed from the body. Plus what also helps is the water molecule is smaller which allows them to expel toxins more efficiently.

OB Water Store

The OB Water Store did two years of research before implementing our alkaline water system. It was custom designed to our specifications. We field tested several ionizers and alkaline machines on the market and had all the water tested at a lab.

The results were less than favorable. Our alkaline water is completely purified first so it is free from heavy metalloids, sodium,and other impurities that alkaline water machines cannot remove and leave in extraordinary amounts. These impurities makes the water more alkaline but is totally unhealthy. Our alkaline water is free of these impurities.

We produce our alkaline water at the OB Water Store by using our already purified water and infusing alkaline minerals into it like natural calcium magnesium. It has a smaller molecule structure so the body more easily absorbs the water leaving you more hydrated.

When the PH of the water is raised there are several molecular reactions that take place leaving more hydroxide present. This effect gives the water an ability to draw  toxins out of the body. This will also detoxify vegetables when you soak them in alkaline water for 8-10 minutes, give it a try.

PH Testing

You can test your PH level after drinking alkaline water by using PH strips. these strips resemble litmus paper and you use your own saliva to test your levels, it is best to test when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day before meals, if you are acidic the test strip turns yellow if you are alkaline then the strip turns green. There is a simple color chart included that shows PH levels depending on the color of the strip, a 6.8 reading is a good level to achieve.

PH Testing Strips

Many of our customers feel an extreme difference when they start drinking alkaline water. It has great benefits for people with acid reflux, arthritis and other acid related issues. It works as a preventive treatment as well to prevent these issues from occurring.

We feel that there are so many health advantages of alkaline water, and you must decide if it is something that will benefit you or your loved ones. We test our alkaline water daily to make sure the Ph level is correct. Our customers love it and we are pleased to say we sell a lot of it.

A question we get asked a lot is “what are the available waters that are alkaline, and what is their pH”?

The drinking water nature provides is primarily spring water, but there is not enough spring water to supply the needs of the ever growing population of planet Earth, so we must turn to other sources, such as underground aquifers, rivers, and lakes.

The water from these sources first needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Unfortunately for us the water also needs to be treated, most often with chlorine, so that it will not be altered by a prolonged stay in the pipes that carry it to our faucets.

The tap water obtained in this way doesn’t have the same qualities as spring water, although an attempt is made to make it as similar as possible.

This attempt to have the same qualities is partially achieved from the chemical point of view, but not always. In any case, it is not often achieved from the standpoint of taste, because the chlorine gives water an unpleasant odor and flavor.

The pH of spring water varies from one spring to the next depending on the spring’s mineral composition. This pH is indicated on the labels of the bottles in which spring waters are sold.

Tap water is neutral or slightly alkaline, but this too depends on the nature of the water at its original source. Depending on the effectiveness of the filter, filtered waters have a pH that ranges from neutral to acid.

This is also true for distilled water. The reason is that filters strip the water of the minerals it contains, primarily calcium, magnesium, and sodium, which are responsible for a water’s alkalinity, so these waters tend to be acidic.

A water with a pH of 9.5 or higher is rarely if ever found in nature. The natural water supplied by rain or rivers has a pH that borders on 7.5.

There is no need to be concerned that the high alkalinity of alkaline water will neutralize the acidic gastric juices and slow down the digestive processes, or on the opposite side, that the acidity of the gastric juices will neutralize the alkalinity of this water and make it ineffective in de-acidification.

Of course, ingested during the course of a meal, water this alkaline serves as a buffer to the acids of the gastric juices; this is why it is not advised to drink it while eating.

But throughout the rest of the day, in between mealtimes, the stomach is not secreting acids, and the alkaline minerals provided by the water are entirely available for the body’s use.

This doesn’t change the fact that this water must be properly assimilated. You might think that all water is the same, and that one kind of water is just as easy to assimilate as any other.

Yet this is not at all the case. Different waters have very different properties. Some are much more easily absorbed by the body; it all depends on their degree of structuring.

A highly structured water, on the other hand, which means water consisting of small masses of water molecules, is very fluid. It divides and disperses easily and spreads out better than water consisting of large masses.

Because of their reduced size, these masses can cross through the body’s cell membranes and mucous membranes (such as those of the digestive tract) easily and rapidly; this makes the water they form very assimilable and hydrating.

Easy assimilation of water is very important; it is futile to drink copious amounts of alkaline water on a daily basis if the alkaline minerals in the water cannot be easily assimilated.

What defines a water as being highly structured? Its structure is proportionate to its richness in varied trace elements, which is high in the case of the waters nature provides.

It is around these trace elements that the masses of water molecules form. Water distilled or purified by reverse osmosis, in contrast, no longer contains the minerals around which the water molecules can collect in groups, so it is not highly structured. It is the latter kind of water that alkaline preparations are designed to be used with.

That is what makes our alkaline water so good it is highly structured since we purify it first with reverse osmosis in our 13 stage filtration system especially designed for the tap water we receive in our building.

This cutting edge customized system allows the structured water to penetrate the tissues and ensures that the body is hydrated properly.

Important a physician should be advised before alkaline water is given to pregnant women, children, and pets. It can have adverse reactions to certain body types, especially babies, who cannot verbalize symptoms.

So come on by the OB Water Store and try our alkaline water you will be happy you did.

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