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About us, the OB Water Store Inc. has been serving Ocean Beach and its outlying areas for over 10 years, our water is considered the finest in San Diego. 100% Purified through a 13 Stage Reverse Osmosis Technology System, Our 8 Indoor Fill stations is one of the largest in San Diego with ample space for your convenience. We also have a 24 hour outdoor vending machine serving both our purified and alkaline water.

Our 13 stage filtration system is custom made for us and  designed to filter the city water that comes into our facility since the water can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. This insures that the water you purchase is the best tasting and healthiest water that you have ever had.

Starting out in Ocean Beach right next to Robb Field we continuously sought out the best ways to improve our water for our customers. We also did extensive testing and studying on alkaline water and after two years we implemented the system for our customers. Realizing we needed more room and better parking for our customers we moved to our current location.

Located at 3960 West Point Loma Blvd, in the Midway Towne Shopping Center, near the Souplantation and Wells Fargo Bank, just a 1.5 miles from our original Ocean Beach location. We have plenty of spigots for both our purified and alkaline water and plenty of parking. We have heavy duty carts you can use for transporting your filled bottles to your car or if you need assistance we can carry and load the bottles into your car.

Here at The OB Water Store we believe that water is the elixir of life! Hydration is optimum for health and wellness. Our customers tell us we have the finest water store in San Diego. We built this store being water connoisseurs ourselves, fed up with buying large amounts of plastic water bottles at the market, and wanting to drink the cleanest and finest water. We are in awe of the water molecule, though it seems like simple H2O, it is rather complex and always undergoing changes and natural chemical reactions.

Lets take a look at the 13 different stages:

STEP 1 Catalytic Carbon Filtration

STEP 2 AG Pre-Filtration

STEP 3 & 4 Activated carbon filters

STEP 5 Micron Pre-Filter

STEP 6 R.O. Pump—high pressure, stainless steel pump to boost water pressure for maximum membrane efficiency.

STEP 7 Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

STEP 8 Storage—water is stored in FDA approved tanks.

STEP 9 Re-pressurized System—  pressure pump assures constant water supply from storage tanks to post carbon filter, ultra-violet sterilizer, and faucets.

STEP 10 Pressure Tank—assures a constant flow of water to the filler and prolongs pump life and consistent high quality water .

STEP 11 Post-Carbon Filtration—water travels through a big blue Post Carbon filter, polishing it for exceptionally smooth taste.

STEP 12 Ultraviolet Sterilizer—  Stainless Steel Sterilizer eliminates up to 99.9% of all bacteria.

STEP 13 Ozone to prevent future bacterial growth.

About Us 13 stage filtering system

As previously mentioned this system is custom made for our location and uses cutting edge technology, we spared no expense in giving our customers the best drinking water in San Diego.

Open Every Day:

Monday – Friday
10:00 AM-6:30PM

9:00AM-6:30 PM

Vending Machine Available 24/7 Serving Purified and Alkaline Water

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