Crock and Stands in San Diego

Crock and Stands in San Diego

We have one of the largest selection of Crock and Stands in San Diego. we also carry an extensive selection of other water accessories for your home. We are one of the premier shops for crock and stands in San Diego.

Crock and stands

All Crocks are Lead Free! Be careful of imitations, they contain lead.

Stainless Steel Spigot For Crock

crock and stand, stainless steel spigot

Seals tight and provides that elegant look.

We have a great new accessory for your Crock and Stand it is a Stainless Steel Spigot that easily attaches to your crock insuring a tight steel and a decorative look to match your stainless kitchen accessories.

crock and stand, stainless steel spigot

Easy to install on any Crock.

crock and stand, stainless spigot with ceramic crock

Crock and Stands

We have the largest assortment of crocks and stands in San Diego.

We are very particular with the accessories we carry, if they do not meet our strict standards they will not be in our store.

Easy Load

One unique accessory is the Easy LoadA sometimes annoying aspect of adding a filled up 5 gallon bottle to your crock is the water spill we can make if we don’t get the bottle in the crock. Either from just plan missing or having difficulty lifting and inverting a 50 pound bottle, we can spill some water. But no more with the Easy Load, this cool little accessory inserts into the top of the bottle preventing any spillage.
crock and stand, easy load
crock and stand, easy load

The magic comes from a small ball float that stops the flow of water when inverting the bottle, then in a short while the small ball float rises and releases the water into your crock.

Counter Top Water Bottle Stand

A lot of us like at have a water bottle on the counter and now there is a new way to achieve this with the counter top water bottle stand. This great product features two styles a tubular steel stand or a steel wire stand both are heavy duty and can hold your filled up 5 gallon bottle without any problems.

The stand also includes an easily removable water dispenser that shuts tight when in the closed position.
counter top water bottle stand
crock and stands

These stands are great because you can have your bottle in a variety of counter top and table locations. We have a dispenser for your bottle come in and check it out.

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