Shower Accessories

We have a nice selection of shower accessories, one in particular is very important. We all know how bad to much chlorinated water can be on the skin, but we shower or bath in it on a daily basis. The best way to avoid this is with a shower filter. Our shower filter turns chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride.

This filter also utilizes a unique quartz crystalline technology that creates a more energizing shower. This shower filter was tested and certified by the Quality Water Organization

Another benefit is when the filter is used with a good high quality shower head you will save water and energy costs.
shoer accessories, shower filter

Easy Installation

It just takes a couple of minutes to install, just remove your shower head twist on and tighten the shower filter and then twist on your shower head, that’s it. This model fits most standards plumbing pipes and shower heads. If your not sure bring your shower head in to see if it will fit.

This shower filter also can be used with hand held shower kits which really makes you feel energized when finished taking a shower.
shower accessories
shower accories

Each filter cartridge lasts approximately 6-7 months and are easily replaceable, we keep them in stock and are avialable when you need to replace yours.
shower accessories

This really is a great accessory for any home or apartment, you really notice a difference on your hair and skin it leaves them both softer and less dry and its excellent for color treated hair.

If we do not like to drink chlorinated water doesn’t it make sense to shower in chlorine free water. Now you can with one of the best shower accessories money can buy.

If you currently own a shower filter, bring your old cartridge in and we can see if we have a replacement cartridge for your make and model shower filter.

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