Secrets Of The Samurai

Secrets Of The Samurai

It was an early discovery of the followers of the Samurai that they discovered the secrets of the Samurai and that the greatest medicine to them by nature was WATER. This remedy they employed both internally and externally, and with results that gradually made their class the wonder and the envy of the commoners.

While the Samurai of ancient Japan believed to some extent in “herbs” they did not pin their faith to what we are prone to regard as “medicines.”

At a very early date the Samurai discovered the value of drinking a very considerable quantity of cool, pure water in every twenty four
hours. The amount consumed to-day by the Samurai was over the gallon mark.

From times of great antiquity the athletic Samurai understood the
benefit of drinking only the purest of water. It is a matter of ancient history that a Samurai army, resting on its march, has sent a deputation of its men in command of a swarm of coolie porters to the nearest spring where the water was known to be wholesome.

Priests were sent along to bless the waters, and it was centuries before the more or less observant coolies began to get a notion that the water of certain springs was healthful whether or not it was blessed.

Japan was thickly studded with springs at that time in which the water is as pure as Nature can supply directly from the earth. The waters of many of these springs possess mild but excellent medicinal qualities.

Yet the Japanese of to-day believe that it is not necessary for a suitable medicinal drinking water to contain marked mineral properties.

It is needful only that the water be pure and any spring water, from its long upward filtration through clean sand is likely to answer all
requirements that is, unless there are contaminating surface influences.

Distilled water is much cheaper, and is the purest that is known either to Nature or to chemists. Our water is as close as you can get to distilled with our low low TDS count.

Ice-water was not known to the ancient Japanese, All that is required is that the water shall be cool enough to be agreeable to the taste.

Even three hundred years ago the Samurai knew the importance of water to sustain a healthy body even in adverse conditions. So stop on in and try some of the best purified water you can purchase in San Diego.

Secrets of the samurai


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