Pharmaceuticals Found in Drinking Water

Pharmaceuticals Found in Drinking Water

A scary thing is happening to our drinking water and that is their are pharmaceuticals found in drinking water which makes it even more important to purchase your purified drink water from a reputable supplier like the OB Water Store. We have a great article by Nancy Gahles below, give it a good read.
Environmental Toxins: Pharmaceuticals Found in Drinking Water
by Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH, RSHom(NA)

As I logged onto the web, I was shocked to see the banner alerting us to the fact that there are pharmaceuticals found in drinking water.I am aware of the fact that we are consuming far more drugs than are necessary or safe.

According to a Nielsen report, the number of U.S. prescriptions rose over 12% in the last 5 years to 3.7 billion and over the counter drugs are at 3.3 billion. I am aware that we are being led like lambs to the slaughter every day by commercials with cute acronyms and jingles that make you hum to the tune of RLS (restless leg syndrome) or the dream of the perfect, romantic sex life that the ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs will provide. Of course, after the major push for purchase is over, we read about the ineffectiveness and the recalls due to undisclosed hazards to humanity.

I was unaware, however, that these pharmaceuticals are being excreted into our watersheds, the natural sources of our water supply, and delivered for our drinking use WITHOUT testing, detection or removal systems. In fact, the FDA has no safety limits set for drugs in water nor does the federal government require testing. It appears to be the wild west out there where anything goes and it does indeed go, right into our systems and those of our children and our unborn children.

What Is Being Found?

Testing of an upstate NY watershed found trace concentrations of heart medicine, infection fighters, estrogen, anti-convulsants, a mood stabilizer and a tranquilizer. The word “trace” is the lynchpin for “authorities’ to hang their hat on when asked about toxicity. They always say that the concentration is too small to have any effect. What I do know about a principal of healing in a medical system called homeopathy, which has been in effect for over two hundred years, is that the “minimal’ dose is the most effective in stimulating activity of the organism. One spokesperson from the department of environmental technology for Merck & Co, a drug manufacturer, was candid enough to say that there is genuine concern that these compounds, even in small concentrations, could be causing impact to human health and to the aquatic organisms.

Certainly, if it is diluted in water, another factor of changing the molecular structure of the water comes into play. All of these factors are only a few of those that we know can change the purity of water. What looms larger is what we don’t know. What does the water become when it is impregnated with one or all of these drugs in combination? We do know that adding chlorine to some pharmaceutical compounds makes them more toxic. We do know that chlorine is added to our water systems. What effect does this water have on human beings over time? What effect does it have on an individual? Considering the unique composition of each person, the totality of their inherent genetic history and their present biological history, one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. In other words, one person can drink contaminated water with little or no effect while another develops serious consequences. We are seeing an unbelievable rise in autism where no one causation can be discerned. What if our contaminated water supply is a causative factor?

NYC water officials issued a statement that said that the drinking water of New York City meets all federal and state regulations regarding quality. Unfortunately, the regulations do not address trace pharmaceuticals.

At present, there is a technology called reverse osmosis that will remove almost all pharmaceutical contaminants. I do not know of any water companies that use this process. I would challenge any magnet science school or community organization to develop an awards/scholarship project focusing on bringing this process into the city’s watersheds and our bottled water companies. I would encourage all of us, as consumers, to become conscious consumers. Write to our legislators and to the companies who make the bottled water that you drink and demand accountability. Change happens from within.
Pharmaceuticals found in drinking water

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